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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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hope you have a good one. jason: breaking news right now on sunrise. a deadly crash blocking parts of orange blossom trail. plus -- >> they were good people. jason: a death mystery. the gruesome discovery in a local home.
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hamlin wins the daytona 500 in the closest finish in history. >> local, live, latebreaking, this is wesh 2 new sunrise in high definition. jason: we are going to get to your forecast in just a moment. first, straight to ted with some breaking news on the road. a deadly hit-and-run crashes blocking obt. ted: what we are seeing here, this is northbound orange blossom trail. what we are hearing is this is involving multiple vehicles and is a hit-and-run crash. while the investigation is happening at americana boulevard, you will want to use an alternate. head over to tampa avenue or john young parkway as your alternate. not seeing any major delays because it is early. meanwhile, things looking pretty
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this is westbound on the left side of the screen. roadwork has wrapped up in that area. things moving along nicely. amy: good morning. it is 4:31 on monday. we are talking about a little more cloud cover in central florida compared to yesterday. temperatures are going to be warm. we' ve got a breeze coming out of the south. that is going to bring our temperatures up to 80 degrees in most areas. right now, we are starting off fairly mild. 52 in ocala. 57 in orlando. we do have a little bit of cloud cover, especially to the north. that is going to keep our temperatures from dropping too much this morning. those clouds act as a blanket, trapping heat in. to the south, we' ve got more clearing.
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those clouds will keep moving in as the moisture builds in. 80 degrees today in ocala. 81 in the villages. 79 in salt springs. 81 in mount dora. 79 in the land. up and down the coast, mid 70' s today. 78 is where we are headed in palm bay. jason: thank you. new from overnight, three gunmen are on the run after they shot a man in a restaurant parking lot. it was on west lancaster road. that' s in the sky lake area. investigators say the suspects tried to rob the victim when one of them shot him. that victim was rushed to ormc and is expected to be ok. the three suspects left in a dark-colored suv. if you know anything, call orange county sheriff' s office. also new from overnight, we' re working to get more information about a shooting in new smyrna beach. volusia county sheriff' s deputies say shots rang out at a
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two hours ago. one person was hit with gunfire. a developing story now out of brevard county. deputy say they found two people dead in a merritt island home along indian street, not far from cone road. we are told a family member made the discovery. >> they stayed to themselves. it was a wonderful family. the daughter went out and played in the center way. they were good people. very good. we see them go to school . she has lots of friends. other than that, they stayed to themselves. they seemed to be a tight family. jason: we have a crew on the way, gathering information. look for live report at 5:00. this morning, we are waiting to find out when this man accused of shooting four people at an orlando store will face a judge. 34-year-old roy stephens was
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orlando police arrested him after officers rammed his car at lee avenue in parramore. police say stephens opened fire during an armed robbery at the tip-top grocery. nearby business owners say they won' t let crime impact them. >> we' re not afraid to be here because this is our business and this is what we do and we' re gonna continue to come to work. jason: records show stephens served prison time in the 90s for identity fraud, and another term in 2010 for robbery with a weapon. covering volusia county, firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a fire that destroyed a house in deland. this is a video our viewer sent us. the fire broke out on mercers fernery road, just west of spring garden avenue yesterday. when firefighters arrived, they found the house engulfed and the smoke blowing into the sky.
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>> seeing how many times the water truck had to come and unload water into the resevoir here and then go back and fill back up at the end of the road and then another one come again. that was valuable time lost. jason: after firefighters got the flames out, there was still a lot of smoke. you can see, there' s not much left of the home. firefighters tell us no one lived there. today marks one week in the search for baby willow. crews plan to return to the drained pond, not far from where the mother gave birth. the work to remove all the water police say the child' s mother, 30-year-old susan richardson, gave birth to a baby girl, then admitted ditching her. a placenta was found at the willow bend apartment complex. richardson remains in jail on child neglect charges. also today, hearings continue into the sinking of el faro , authorities trying to determine what caused the cargo ship to go under. over the weekend, family members heard the last calls from the captain as the ship sailed into
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october. all 33 crew members died, including two from central florida. >> based on the policies and procedures, i may have acted differently just being a layman and having feeling for those that were on board. but right now i think all of that is going to be revealed as we get deeper into the details. jason: some family members have filed a lawsuit against the ship' s owners. the coast guard will determine if misconduct or negligence caused the sinking. the hearings will take place throughout the week. in michigan, this uber driver police say went on a shooting rampage, killing six people. he will face a judge today. investigators in kalamazoo say jason dalton randomly shot people outside an apartment complex, a car dealership and a restaurant on saturday. six people died, and two others, including a 14-year-old girl, were seriously injured. dalton is expected to be arraigned on murder charges. we are waiting to hear more information about this cesna
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yesterday. the faa tells us two people were on board the plane when the pilot reported engine problems and landed off lemon bluff road in osteen. that' s not far from orlando sanford international airport. those on board were outside the plane, walking when first responders arrived. we' re pressing police for the name of the man who police say was drunk when he crashed his car into lake underhill. orlando police tell us the man lost control and drove into the water yesterday morning. a sheriff' s deputy who was nearby saw the accident and brought the driver to shore. the driver was arrested for dui. no one was hurt. heartbroken family members of a motorcyclist killed in a bizrre crash open up to wesh 2. >> he had more friends than i could ever imagine. and he loved to go out and have a good old time. jason: what they had to say to the family of a woman killed in the same crash. and a possible cause
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also, we are going to take you back outside. amy sweezey is back with central florida' forecast.
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jason: welcome back. we are on top of breaking news along south orange blossom trail. you are looking at live video of a deadly crash investigation involving multiple vehicles. this was involving a hit and run
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florida highway patrol is on if you have to travel this morning, taking orange blossom trail near america with northbound lanes blocked, use john young parkway or texas avenue as your backup plans. we are going to keep an eye on updates. there' westbound colonial. it is in the way for that westbound drive. consider using old winter garden to get around that crash. amy: 4:42 and we are talking about a warm day in central florida. we will climb to the upper 70' s, low 80' s in most spots. we have a little bit of sun early today. clouds will be increasing through the afternoon. a few sprinkles are possible. most of the rain is in south florida. brevard county,
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most of our rain is going to hold off. temperatures are fairly mild. most of us in the 50' s. it is 57 in orlando. 52 degrees right now in ocala. you can see the clouds, a little thicker off to the north. a little more clearing to the south, which means we will start the day with some sunshine there. clouds increasing as they roll in from the gulf of mexico. temperatures will climb despite the clouds increasing. 76 by noon. most of us will hit 80 today. a few upper 70' s expected along the coast to the north. i will show you the numbers and talk more about the rain for tomorrow and wednesday in just a few minutes. jason? jason: amy, thank you. this morning, we are hearing from the family of a biker killed in a bizarre crash. troopers say a dirt bike hit and killed a woman walking along a sidewalk in pine hills saturday. wesh 2' s matt lupoli reports,
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whether racing led to the crash. >> he had more friends than i could ever imagine. and he loved to go out and have a good old time. reporter: michael wright says he' s still in disbelief over losing his nephew to a motorcycle crash, and heartbroken that a pedestrian, too, was struck and killed. >> it' s just really just a freak accident how it happened. reporter: florida highway patrol troopers say clayvon foster was one of at least two people riding motor bikes along powers drive. officials ahev not been able to confirm details about what exactly led to the crash. but witnesses who spoke to wesh 2 right after it say the group was racing on the sidewalk, doing stunts. fhp says foster lost control, hurting himself and striking a woman walking by. >> poor woman. she had nothing to do with it. she was just walking there. reporter: fhp says the victim is 59-year-old marie louissant, both were rushed to the hospital. louissant died from her injuries and foster suffered the same
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m puzzled how that happen. i don' t know what they must be going through. she was just walking down the street and all of a sudden he' s not here. i feel really sorry for her family. my condolences. reporter: fhp says the others involved did not stick around after the crash. >> it' s just senseless, racing on a two-lane street. it' s just crazy. jason: covering orange county the deputy run over while trying to make an arrest on friday, is thanking her supporters. >> anyone who knows me knows i' m going to get through this, i' m going to be happy again. i' ve got this life ahead of me. i' m going to make the most of it. jason: the sheriff' s office released this video of sergeant marcy pearce over the weekend. she says she' s stitched-up, swollen and has a broken foot. the teenager accused of plowing
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remains on the run. with the zika virus on the rise in florida, orlando international airport is joining the fight against it. officials are increasing the mosquito spraying program. they' ve been distributing educational flyers throughout the airport, encouraging overseas to bring insect repellent and to cover skin with clothing to prevent mosquito bites. there are 26 confirmed cases of zika in florida. is holding strong in theaters. "kung fu panda 3" claimed second with $12.5 million. the first part of a biblical trilogy made $11 million in its first weekend. the orlando magic are trying to make it two straight wins
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and the victor at the daytona 500 is claiming victory in the closest finish in the history of the event. and we are following breaking news. a deadly hit and run blocking parts of orange blossom trail. those northbound lanes are where you are going to see trouble.
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>> the first 195 laps of the daytona 500 might not have been edge of your seat stuff, but the race was safe and it give us a finish we won' t soon forget. sunny skies begin cloudy for dale earnhardt jr. fans. junior getting loose out of turn four, hitting the safe barrier. he was fine, probably better than some of those fans. a bad end for danica patrick as well. flying down the backstretch. all four tires leaving the ground. final lap, matt kenseth goes high. martin truex jr. at the start-finish line. by inches, literally, hamlin takes checkered in the tightest race ever seen. denny hamlin wins his first 500,
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>> luckily, matt gave us the room. it all worked out. still, the last lap happened so fast, i want to relive it to figure out what i really did. >> you wind up looking for someplace to throw up. i really did kind of hold my breath. you kind of know it is going to come on the last lap if there' s anybody close. pat: good stuff. magic writing to a big win over the mavs. hosting the pacers last night, missed opportunities a bugaboo for the guys who forced 17 indiana turnovers in the first half. tie game at the break despite 23 from evan fournier. the magic shot just 41%.
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aaron gordon makes it a two-point game late. victor here with a shot for victory. no foul was called. the final score was 105-102. that is a quick look at sports. i' m pat clarke. have a great monday. jason: we are going to get another check of your forecast after this break. breaking news in orange county. northbound obt at americana is blocked following a deadly hit-and-run. there are multiple cars involved.
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jason: right now, we are working on new stories for 5:00. michelle imperato joins us with a preview, good morning. michelle: good morning, jason. a new study further complicates the oscars so white controversy. a new study claims several other
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represented in any major movies. and, apple under more pressure from the fbi to unlock one of the sen bernardino shooters' phone. who the director of fbi claims apple owes it to. but first, ministries from dozens of countries are in rome today talking putting an end to death penalty. the side the pope is taking. all that and much more in just a minute. jason: let' s get back to that breaking traffic news. orange county deputies on the scene of a deadly hit-and-run at obt and americana boulevard. ted noah has the latest on your alternates. ted: we just saw it live on the screen. one of the mangled vehicles involved with this deadly crash. it is northbound americana boulevard where northbound is shut down. remember, your backup plans, john young parkway northbound, but also texas avenue as well.
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roadway, colonial drive westbound. a crash is blocking a lane on the westbound side. use old winter garden to get around that. now we are to look at your weather. amy: good morning. temperatures today even warmer than yesterday. we made it into the mid to upper 70' s on the spots. 75 is average. we hit 78 in orlando. 75 daytona beach. today, we are starting warmer. we will end warmer. so far, since midnight, we have dropped into the 50' s. some of these places will drop a little bit more this morning. a lot of cloud cover to the north. we are at 55 now in the villages. sanford is at 57 as well as kissimmee. winter haven at 57 degrees. cloud cover to the north, clearing to the south.
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our clouds are going to increase today. we are going to be warm. wind out of the south and southwest will bring us up to 80 in ocala. 80 degrees today in longwood. 81 orlando and winter park. 82 in st. cloud and kissimmee. along the coast, just a little cooler off to the north. if you are headed to the coast, the wind will kick up a little bit this afternoon. the surf, not so bad. however, we have a pretty good risk for rip currents. moderate level because of the strong east swell coming in. the tide hands out late morning through early afternoon, which is when the rip currents are the strongest. this is tomorrow. today, we are quiet. we have a system that is going to approach, a front end area of
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skew -- a few scattered showers on tuesday. we may get a storm into the evening commute. we don' t all get the rain. it can be pretty scattered on tuesday. once we get into wednesday, things will start to change. today, we have a little more cloud cover. tomorrow, this front makes its approach. on wednesday, as our front comes through, we are going to see some showers and storms across the area, especially in the afternoon. starting at noon, pushing into central florida through the afternoon and evening. some of the storms could be strong more severe. there is a slight risk of a couple tornadoes on wednesday. he will keep you posted. jason: thank you. a gas explosion nearly kills a man in oklahoma. next at 5:00, the massive damage from the explosion and just how close the man was to dying. breaking news.
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orange county sheriff' s deputies telling us fo ur vehicles were involved in a deadly hit-and-run. check out this one mangled car. we will have more breaking news ahead on sunrise at 5:00 a.m. >> local, live, latebreaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: breaking news right now, a deadly hit-and-run crash has shut down part of orange blossom trail. to clear that scene. jason: a community on edge as two people are founded inside a merritt island home. 5:00 on monday morning. m jason guy.
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ted noah, we have a situation going on. ted: that is true, michelle. we are looking at south obt. we have live picture from the scene. this is about a mile and a half before i-4. northbound lanes are completely blocked off. this is involving multiple vehicles. fhp is still investigating. if it is time for your early-morning drive in that is your route, consider using john young parkway or texas avenue. there' s the accident scene. keeping an eye on a crash on colonial drive that has a westbound lane blocked. might want to consider old winter garden instead to get around that one. i-4, things looking pretty good. amy? amy: good morning. we are talking about clouds increasing in central florida today.


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